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Shingakkou.-.Noli.Me.Tangere.full.1055017Whoop!  Several weeks ago, I beat Shingakkou.  Anyways, I finally got a 100% on the Gift (aka the fandisc of Shingakkou).  I was going to summarize each story but I’m lazy and that would require me to actually write out a summary of the first game (since there are several books that expand on each individual guy route) so I’m going to just write a walkthrough on how to play the Gift instead and how to get a 100% CG the legit way!  I’m actually a secret perfectionist.  To note!  If you’re going to play the Gift, please play Noli me Tangere first b/c they spoil like EVERYTHING from the game!  Though, that’s generally what a fandisc does to begin with?  *Except Gakuen Heaven Okawari*

When you launch up The Gift it has several different buttons and mini games!

1st light blue button is this mini board game that includes a little gag mini story for each guy.  Anyways, the purpose of this game is to get points to buy books and see the mini gag story.
2nd light blue button is the store to buy books that are sidestories
3rd light blue button is STORIES where you can read the books you bought
4th light blue button is the typing game!  Oh joy!
5th light blue button is like this mini CG maker that’s pretty fun to mess around.  You can also buy costumes for the boys from the store with the points you get from the boardgame game and they show up here
6th light blue button is a place where you can play the mini games that are found in the board game section just for fun
Purple buttons are pretty self explanatory:  Extra (where all the CGs/Scenes you get are stored), Config, Help, Exit

To get a 100%:



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Gakuen Heaven Okawari is the fandisc of Gakuen Heaven.  It takes place after the events of Gakuen Heaven aka Keita gets to stay at the school.  One day, Keita goes out with Iwai and sees Tonosama.  They noticed Tonosama has a ring, and this ring accidentally slipped on Keita’s finger.  Keita tries to take it off but can’t.  Iwai gives Keita the suggestion to go to the cafeteria to use soap or oil to get it off.  They go off together.

So while they are in the cafeteria everyone is trying to help Keita get this ring off and freaking out thinking that Keita got proposed to because the ring is stuck on his ring finger ^^;;.  After several failed attempts, Omi comes in and asks to look at Keita’s ring.  What is carved on the ring is the word “unlucky” aka whoever wears this ring will get bad luck.  Then they go into details about how this ring’s curse.  After awhile, Niwa gives the suggestion to test Keita’s luck by playing a game of “Russian Roulette” aka testing his luck by not drinking Umino’s spicy diet soda.  So they pour drinks into 4 glasses.  Keita drinks the spicy Umino diet soda and everyone notes how Keita has lost his luck.  Then you get to choose which guy you want to be with.

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So, I’ve been playing Gakuen Heaven in my spare time.  Ahaha, I’m so slow b/c Gakuen Heaven is one of the oldest Boys Love game out there.

Gakuen Heaven

Game: Gakuen Heaven (PSP Version)
Company: Spray
Art: Higuri Yuu
Genre: BL
Year:  2002 for PC; 2009 for PSP

Anyways, the game is about a boy named Keita who gets accepted into a prestige school called Bell Liberty Academy aka BL Academy for short ^^;.  He doesn’t know why he’s accepted but since he’s all like I WANNA GO to his parents, and his parents let him transfer.  He gets picked up by the bus guy to go to BL school, and they get into a bus accident b/c the bridge was raising up and the bus flipped over.  Keita then wakes up with two beautiful men looking at him known as the Queen and King of the school.  He says he’s all right and they enter the school together (which everyone is like OMG!!!  YOU’RE WITH THE KING AND QUEEN).  Keita’s new life at BL academy starts.


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