[Updated 11/11/2013] Going through this makes me appreciate Part 5 even more nao.  Anyways, I’m gradually going through Chapter 1.  So please bear with me ^^.  Hope you can deal with all of my ghettolation.  Probably not 100% accurate English or translation but whatevz.  If you can go through Duwang, you can go through Duwang light novel edition.  Better than nothing right?

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So, I did a thing.  I am translating Purple Haze Feedback.  I suck at translating but since there doesn’t seem to be any real active translation of Purple Haze Feedback, I have decided to attempt at it.  Just think of me as Duwang Part 2 because I translate from Duwang versions of stuff…. and even then I don’t think I’m very good at Duwang’s language and who knows if Duwang is even right.  Anyways, hope you enjoy my lousy attempt.  I promise I’ll derp translate the rest of the chapters soon.  It’ll take me some time ^^!~  All of my derp translation is done by me.  Jojo + characters + story all belong to Araki and Kadono.


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I noticed Gakuen Handsome has never been translated anywhere!  I decided to translate Mitsurugi Sakuya’s route AKA KILLER CHINMAN!  I have never done this before.  However, I wanted other people to experience the greatness that is Gakuen.  Please note my translate could be wrong.  I translated from the Chinese patched version.  So this has gone from JPN -> CHI -> ENG.  A lot could be lost.  I am also not very confident in my translation skills…. but at least it’s something?  Better than nothing ^^.  With that said, all translations belong to me.  LETS HANDSAMUUUUU!

I just put pictures of the main CGs.  Also, for some reason, I’m not sure if it’s because the game trolls or whatever, I kept getting bad endings my first playthrough when I was following a Japanese guide.  So, I’m going to assume it’s because I saved the game alot?  Thus, making me get the bad ending?  So, I’m going to write it where you don’t save at all because this was the only thing that actually made me get Sakuya’s best ending.

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Where to buy:
ITunes $24.99 for EXO’s XOXO album

I haven’t been in the Asian music scene for awhile now.  However, every now and then, I find a song that I really enjoy listening to.  EXO’s Wolf has to be one of the catchiest songs I have heard in awhile.  I enjoy it so much that I translated it!  Yay!

No copyright infringement intended.  Translation is by me.  All credits goes to the SM, EXO, etc.

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Moe of the Year!~


Lady Tomomi is just too beautiful.

Spicy Wolf Collection!


So pretty

Where to buy:
Amazon $6.99-11.99 per volume // Rightstuf $8.99 per volume

I recently found out YenPress localizes the Spice and Wolf light novel in America!  I have always wanted more Japanese light novels translated into English.  When I found out, I bought all the 8 volumes that are out :).  I can’t wait to start reading them!  The covers are so pretty that I’m scared to bend my books.  Makes me disappointed that I didn’t get the original first print “humanized wolf” covers.  Almost.

Where to buy:
Aksys ($29.99/PS3/Standard) // Xbox360 ($39.99/Limited)

Basic Information: 

Publisher Aksys
Game Record of Agarest War Zero
Difficulty Medium to Slightly Challenging
Platform Sony Playstation 3/Xbox360
ESRB Rating Teen
Genre SRPG

Agarest Zero’s moe-blob award:


Syrium + Decimal. I actually loved all of the girls from Agarest, however, Shernini wins them all. Her love for cock…. <chickens> makes her very endearing. She also has the best costumes in the game. Though, I am quite fond of lvl 6 Mimel’s Angel costume.

Zero is technically the second game from the Agarest War series. However, it tells the events happening 1000 years prior to Record of Agarest War. Is the prequel worth knowing? Or should Agarest be left to Leonhardt and his spawns?

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