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Gakuen Heaven Okawari is the fandisc of Gakuen Heaven.  It takes place after the events of Gakuen Heaven aka Keita gets to stay at the school.  One day, Keita goes out with Iwai and sees Tonosama.  They noticed Tonosama has a ring, and this ring accidentally slipped on Keita’s finger.  Keita tries to take it off but can’t.  Iwai gives Keita the suggestion to go to the cafeteria to use soap or oil to get it off.  They go off together.

So while they are in the cafeteria everyone is trying to help Keita get this ring off and freaking out thinking that Keita got proposed to because the ring is stuck on his ring finger ^^;;.  After several failed attempts, Omi comes in and asks to look at Keita’s ring.  What is carved on the ring is the word “unlucky” aka whoever wears this ring will get bad luck.  Then they go into details about how this ring’s curse.  After awhile, Niwa gives the suggestion to test Keita’s luck by playing a game of “Russian Roulette” aka testing his luck by not drinking Umino’s spicy diet soda.  So they pour drinks into 4 glasses.  Keita drinks the spicy Umino diet soda and everyone notes how Keita has lost his luck.  Then you get to choose which guy you want to be with.


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chocolate3Welp, since I finally got myself an Android device and I just found out the other day that the Android store actually had more Gakuen Handsome stuff, I got them!

Where to buy:  $2.91 Android

Gakuen Handsome Chocolate is pretty much an add on side story of Gakuen Handsome.  It takes place around February, and it is almost Valentine’s Day.  Yuu and Jiro are pressuring you to make chocolate for your love.  You remeet all the boys again and find out what type of chocolate they like.  Then, on one of the days, you take a plane to go to some place to meet a native person… and he can give you the BEST COCOA in the world depending on how you answer.  After that, you rehang out with the boys.  On the day you have to make chocolate, you have to answer a bunch of questions related to chocolate, riddles, fishes, and previous Gakuen Handsome to Yuu to see if you’re a CHOCOLATE master!  Once you pass, you can then make the chocolate according to the tips Jiro gave and what type of chocolate the guys said they liked.  After that, you give the chocolate you made to the boy of your choice.  Endings under the cut.


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