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I noticed Gakuen Handsome has never been translated anywhere!  I decided to translate Mitsurugi Sakuya’s route AKA KILLER CHINMAN!  I have never done this before.  However, I wanted other people to experience the greatness that is Gakuen.  Please note my translate could be wrong.  I translated from the Chinese patched version.  So this has gone from JPN -> CHI -> ENG.  A lot could be lost.  I am also not very confident in my translation skills…. but at least it’s something?  Better than nothing ^^.  With that said, all translations belong to me.  LETS HANDSAMUUUUU!

I just put pictures of the main CGs.  Also, for some reason, I’m not sure if it’s because the game trolls or whatever, I kept getting bad endings my first playthrough when I was following a Japanese guide.  So, I’m going to assume it’s because I saved the game alot?  Thus, making me get the bad ending?  So, I’m going to write it where you don’t save at all because this was the only thing that actually made me get Sakuya’s best ending.


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