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Where to buy:
Aksys ($29.99/PS3/Standard) // Xbox360 ($39.99/Limited)

Basic Information: 

Publisher Aksys
Game Record of Agarest War Zero
Difficulty Medium to Slightly Challenging
Platform Sony Playstation 3/Xbox360
ESRB Rating Teen
Genre SRPG

Agarest Zero’s moe-blob award:


Syrium + Decimal. I actually loved all of the girls from Agarest, however, Shernini wins them all. Her love for cock…. <chickens> makes her very endearing. She also has the best costumes in the game. Though, I am quite fond of lvl 6 Mimel’s Angel costume.

Zero is technically the second game from the Agarest War series. However, it tells the events happening 1000 years prior to Record of Agarest War. Is the prequel worth knowing? Or should Agarest be left to Leonhardt and his spawns?



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