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Where to buy:
NISA ($19.99)

Basic Information:

Publisher NIS
Game Last Rebellion
Difficulty Easy
Platform Sony Playstation 3
ESRB Rating Teen
Genre RPG

I recently had the chance to play Last Rebellion.  I have heard lots of poor reviews on this game.  Even the President of NISA regretted bringing the game to America.  However, does it truly make it a poor game?

Last Rebellion’s moe-blob award:

Daddy wannabe is so honored.

Most moe-blob is Nine.  He’s a whine-y asshole Daddy wannabe.  Who doesn’t like that?


The game tells a tale where there are two types of people in this world:  Blades and Sealers.  Blades are capable of killing everything.  Sealers, well, they seal monsters and can use magic well.  The game starts off with Nine.  He is to inherit the Kingdom from his not legitimate father, King Arzelide.  He whines about it and meets with Aisha (the best Sealer in this world).  A few events later, they fuse into one while traveling the world to destroy monsters!



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Finally.  I decided to create a blog.  I have no idea when was the last time I actually wrote something longer than 140 words.  Anyways, I am moving here.  Hopefully you find what I write entertaining :).  I am also extremely lazy.  You can most likely tell when I get lazy with an attempted review!

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